Travel Blogger unravels Chitwan National Park #ITBMC #HTM2017

Travel Blogger unravels Chitwan National Park #ITBMC #HTM2017


The earthquake of April 2015 destroyed quite a bit of Nepal, but as the country limps back to normalcy, restoring tourism to this landlocked nation is paramount. In this post we tell you all about beautiful Chitwan & why you should be visiting it Pronto?

One of Nepal’s first National Park, it was accorded the honor of UNESCO heritage site by 1984. Being Bengali it is one of the rare places where I can find Royal Bengal Tigers. ┬áThe first vestigates of the royal park were laid with the hunting parties of Yore. The dense forest of the South Western Part of Nepal were perfect for the royals of Nepal to hunt Rhinoceros, Tigers & Deer.

Our stay at Jungle Safari was filled with enthralling moments. A number of trips into depth of jungles allowed us to plethora of Wildlife that Chitwan has. A jeep Safari is a perfect way to observe this majestic creatures although i didn’t mind walking through the forest. It is the perfect way to clear your mind from the stress of the cities.

The Chitwan National Park is one of the best ways to check endangered wildlife in Nepal. This is one place you definitely need to check out. This article is a part of series being written by us under the aegis of Himalayan Travel Mart, organized by PATA Nepal Chapter, PATA International, Nepal Tourism Board and is going to be held in the month of June, 2017.

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